Southern City Hotel

For the comfort of all guests, all rooms offer “shoes off and relax” facilities. Located along the national highway with easy access from the airport and tourist facilities in Kochi, the hotel also offers free parking. The hotel offers carefully designed guestrooms and spaces to meet the needs of a wide range of guests.

Address: 933, Myoken, Nankoku City, Kochi Prefecture

Resort Hotel Umibeno Kajuen

An ocean-view resort hotel in Kochi with an orchard and a confectionery factory. The bright sunshine and the azure sea are unique to the south. This resort hotel with an orchard and a confectionary factory stands on a small hill overlooking the Pacific Ocean in Tei, Nankoku-Tosa, where time passes slowly.

Address: 506-1, Teiyama, Yasu Town, Konan City, Kochi Prefecture

Kochi Kuroshio Hotel

A hotel with a space of functional beauty and hospitality. All rooms have spacious double beds, along with bathrooms of a higher grade, creating an environment of relaxation and healing.

In addition, the adjacent Kuroshio Hot Spring “Ryoma-no-Yu” will soothe the fatigue of travelers with its abundant hot spring water that wells up from 1,300 meters below the ground and has 19 different types of efficacies, the most in the prefecture.

Address: 1630, Higashino, Noichi Town, Konan City, Kochi Prefecture

Ryokan Katori

Welcome to Nankoku-Tosa, where “the bonding of hearts and minds are cherished.” Located a short 10-minute drive from Kochi Ryoma Airport, the inn offers hospitality with the care and attention of a home away from home.

Address: 1955-2, Higashino, Noichi Town, Konan City, Kochi Prefecture

Befu Gorge Onsen

A tranquil hot spring inn surrounded by the beautiful valley scenery. Visitors can enjoy hot springs that are reputed to be “beautifying” due to the soft water quality, as well as the bountiful delicacies of the mountain village. All guest rooms are of the detached type, so guests with small children can stay stress-free. With cherry blossoms in the spring, river activities in the summer, autumn foliage in the fall, and snow in the winter, visitors can enjoy nature in all four seasons in a way that is impossible in urban areas.

Address: 452-8, Befu, Monobe Town, Kami City, Kochi Prefecture

The 6th Diary Kahoku Hotel & Resort

The hotel is located next to the Yanase Takashi Memorial Hall Anpanman Museum. It offers a full range of children’s amenities and free rental equipment, and all guest rooms are equipped with toys made of hinoki (Japanese cypress) produced in Kochi Prefecture. Recommended for family stays!

Address: 1224-2, Birafu, Kahoku Town, Kami City, Kochi Prefecture