Farm to Table Restaurant Triton

A locally produced and consumed restaurant that makes the most of the natural bounty of the sea, mountains, rivers, and fields nurtured in Kochi Prefecture. Not only the food but also the interior and art objects throughout the restaurant have many fun features. A bakery is also attached to the restaurant serving freshly baked bread.

Address: 847-1, Osone Otsu, Nankoku City, Kochi Prefecture

Restaurant Good Luck

A wide variety of Japanese, Western, and Chinese dishes are on offer, catering to everyone from children to the elderly. From “seared bonito”, there are also many local gourmet menus, such as a sukiyaki dish using “Gomen Kenka Shamo” chickens from Nankoku City, a pork cutlet bowl using “Shimanto Pork”, and a soft omelet rice dish using Tosa Jiro eggs.

Address: 933, Myoken, Nankoku City, Kochi Prefecture

Hatake no Syokudo Copan (Vegetable Kitchen)

A buffet-style menu with a focus on Nankoku fresh vegetables. Enjoy the new buffet-style delicacies of Nankoku vegetables with a choice of meat, fish, or tomato curry as your main course. Vegetarian and vegan options are also available.

Address: 126-1, Shimosuematsu, Nankoku City, Kochi Prefecture

Tosawo Shoten

Along with sales of seasonal fruits such as Tosa Buntan (pomelo) and Niitaka pears, visitors can enjoy Chunichi soba noodles and Chirimenjako (baby sardines), selected as “food for 100 years” by the Agency for Cultural Affairs. Visitors can also enjoy the homely hospitality and interaction with the local community.

Address: 476-4, Akaoka Town, Konan City, Kochi Prefecture

Cafe Ivy

A handmade log house cafe. The emerald green Monobe River can be enjoyed from the terrace seats offering a relaxing environment. Home-made bacon and vegetable curry which can be made vegan-friendly are popular.

Address: 17-1, Satake, Tosa-Yamada Town, Kami City, Kochi Prefecture