Strawberry Picking (Nishijima Tropical Nursery)

Pick and eat strawberries on the spot, making them the freshest strawberries you can find! We invite you to taste the freshly picked sweet red strawberries. (Reservations are recommended.)

*Open daily from January to early June.

*We will close when all the red berries are gone for the day.

Address: 600, Hataeda, Nankoku City, Kochi Prefecture

Diorama Class & Figurine Coloring Experience (Kaiyodo Space Factory Nankoku)

Diorama Class
Visitors can choose their favorite figurines from more than 15 types and create a diorama in a special casing using stones, wood, colored sand, and coloring. The time required is about 1 hour to 1.5 hours.Figurine coloring
Visitors can choose their favorite figurines from cats, dinosaurs, etc., and color them with acrylic paints. The time required is about 1 hour.Address: 1623-3, Osoneko, Nankoku City, Kochi Prefecture

Yamakita Mandarin Orange Harvesting Experience (Tosa-no-Kochi-Kudamonobatake (fruit orchard))

The Yamakita mandarin oranges of Kagami Town, Kochi’s largest producer of mandarin oranges, are a brand with a reputation for being sweet and extraordinarily delicious. Come and try the luxurious taste of freshly picked mandarin oranges during the October to mid-December picking season.

Short trees are planted in flat areas, so wheelchair users and small children can enjoy picking mandarin oranges with ease.

Address: 4120-2, Matsugaune, Kagami Town, Yamakita, Konan City, Kochi Prefecture

Marine Sports Experience (Yasu Sea Station Club)

Visitors can enjoy various marine activities such as yachting, sea kayaking, SUP, and snorkeling. Universal tourism is promoted so that people of all ages can experience marine sports. (Reservations required)

Address: 536-19, Chigire, Yasu Town, Konan City, Kochi Prefecture

Cycling (Konan City Cycling Terminal)

A wide variety of bicycles are available for rent, including cross bikes, mountain bikes, and two-seater tandem bicycles. There is a bicycle path on the north side of the facility, where visitors can enjoy a unique cycling experience with a view of the ocean or through a tunnel of trees.

Address: 1304, Teiyama, Yasu Town, Konan City, Kochi Prefecture

Yosakoi Naruko Making Experience (Yamamomo Kobo)

Naruko is used in the Yosakoi dance performance, which is unique to Kochi. Assemble a special Naruko kit and paint it to create your own original Naruko. The gallery displaying more than 1,000 Naruko is also a highlight of the workshop. (Reservations required)

Address: 636, Sakoyabu, Tosa-Yamada Town, Kami City, Kochi Prefecture

Ryugado Adventure Experience (Ryugado Cave)

A super adventure attraction like no other. This is an unparalleled adventure experience that can only be had here. Visitors get equipped for adventure and are invited to follow the road less traveled and into the unknown!

Although safe and comfortable, it is an adventure experience of a lifetime.

Come empty-handed and fun even for kids. (Reservations required)

Address: 1424, Sakakawa, Tosa-Yamada Town, Kami City, Kochi Prefecture